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The Full Moon on the 17th points to an awakening of emotional awareness. Your need for family or familiar surroundings is active now, and you're in a better position to get to the right balance between your personal and professional lives. You can feel that loved ones have your back, and confidence increases as a result. Some tension between relationships and family life is possible, and you should avoid the tendency to try to please too many people at your own expense, but you have all the tools to get things back on track.

The key seems to be to pour more energy into the things that are working well for you so that you don't fall behind. A Saturn-Neptune link this month helps you focus, and you're less likely to let your relationship goals interfere with your seeking of fulfillment in other areas of life. In fact, relationship goals may very well inspire you to better yourself. You're committed to making the most of your talents, and enjoying more self-discipline reflects well on you and your relationships as you feel stronger, more fulfilled, and increasingly more "whole.

It's a great period for attending to both the practical and romantic sides of your connections. The last few days of June are strong for inspiration for studies or topics of interest, networking, and friendships. Until June 20th: The Sun continues to put a spotlight on your solar tenth house. Satisfaction and fulfillment during this cycle come from doing your professional best, shining as a responsible and capable person, and contributing to the world in practical ways.

You might have a chance to receive acknowledgement or praise for your work or good character now. Landing support from authority figures is easier at this time. Avoid the pitfalls of pride or arrogance standing in your way of success. From June 21st forward: The Sun lights your solar eleventh house.

The Sun illuminates your sector of friends, groups, and dreams coming true this month. It's a sociable sector of your chart, and that's exactly how you are feeling--happy, light-hearted, cosmopolitan, and social. Group affiliations capture your attention. Connections can be made now and networking pays off, or at least satisfies. Being part of a community or circle of friends and building your social network is important to you at this time. This is a rather happy, goal-oriented cycle. A lively agenda is promised, you're attracting quite a bit of interest, and your energy for making contact with others is high.

A stronger sense of community is with you during this cycle. Relationships take on a fun, if impersonal, tone now. Activities with children especially others' children may increase. You are more stimulated by all that is unconventional during this cycle, and your ideas are original and progressive now. This is a time to follow your dreams and ideals, and to plant a seed in the form of a wish for the future.

Until June 8th: Venus continues to grace your solar ninth house. During this cycle, your ideals in love are set high. You might become inspired by a loved one now, or someone might awaken a new perspective or way of thinking in you. You could also enjoy a trip, or a new adventure of sorts. In fact, you are attracted to anything that is non-routine and fare best when you are reaching out beyond your usual bounds. You might be attracted to people or even objects that are exotic or different in some way during this cycle.

It's a good period for personal charm and attractiveness in general. From June 9th forward: Venus graces your solar tenth house now. During this cycle, you are most charming and well-received on the job. Your responsibility and authority are likeable qualities now, making this a favorable period overall for schmoozing with those in a higher position than you, as well as for negotiations or social activities related to business. Venus is charming, friendly, and affectionate, and her presence in your career and reputation sector brings social opportunities to your career.

You are coming across well at work now, and romantic opportunities, or simply more chances to socialize and network, are likely. You are socially ambitious right now, and success may come through your good managerial qualities or some form of artistic talent, or, indirectly through your marriage partner. People who turn your head during this cycle are those who come across as especially competent. Until June 4th: Mercury continues to transit your solar tenth house. It's a good time to analyze your work tasks and to streamline them or improve your skills. There may be increased contact with the public now, or you might experience an increased need to be heard and acknowledged for your intelligence, skills, capabilities, and ideas.

From June Mercury is transiting your solar eleventh house. Your mind is bright, alert, and active during this cycle, and you have the ability to come up with unusual and inventive ideas. Sharing your thoughts with others is a prime interest. Others tend to particularly enjoy your conversations during this transit--you are willing to listen as well as add your own thoughts. As well, your ability to grasp unusual subject matter and to intuitively understand what others are trying to say win you some brownie points! You could also do a lot of thinking and musing about your own happiness and long-term goals.

From June 27th forward: Your mind is focused on private matters and past issues while Mercury transits the twelfth house of your solar chart. Mind you, you could feel that you're often left to your own resources or especially independent, and this may or may not be welcome at this time in your life! However, certain people in your life seem to have your personal interests, agenda, and happiness in mind. If you've been hesitant about starting a new project or plan of action, you'll be ready this month to go forward.

You are more assertive, energetic, and decisive, and your personal presence is strong. Those of you taking courses or studying should have added success this month. Do watch especially for impatience and possible poor judgment at times with planets in your sign opposing Neptune and squaring Jupiter in spots this month. Mars fires up your confidence and brings a more aggressive approach to your world, which can do with some refining. Fortunately, Venus helps do just that while transiting your sign until mid-month, after which a more conscious effort is recommended for best results.

The Full Moon on the 14th brings a whirlwind of emotion and activity with a close partner. This can mark a turning point for a key relationship. There can be some disheartening moments but these can also release you from uncertainty. As the month advances, you are entering into a brilliant period for increasing your earning power. You'll be busy taking charge of your finances.

Money-making opportunities are likely to present themselves, and the motivation to take advantage of them increases in October. While September is a month of opportunity, avoid trying to "do it all" too soon and too quickly. Instead, focus on one or two opportunities and projects. It should be a strong month for money matters. Emotionally, you're definitely moving forward this month!

On some level, this is a time for reinventing yourself. Your powers of attraction run very high, and people seem to notice your charm more than usual. It's a good time for updating your appearance or changing your presentation if you've been looking for a breath of fresh air, as well as envisioning what you'd like to make of the year ahead.

Virgo Monthly Horoscope – April 12222

Some tension between relationships and family life is possible, and you should avoid the tendency to try to please too many people at your own expense. The key to getting back on track seems to be to pour more energy into the things that are working well for you so that you don't fall behind. If you can let things flow instead of pushing for direction or clarity, you'll be able to get over small hurdles presented by the planets Jupiter and Neptune in large part. Even so, it's crucial not to escape responsibility or jump ship.

Aim for balance. The need for healthy forms of escape becomes particularly evident around mid-month. It can be exhausting for you now as you try to discern between fact and fancy. Finding a middle ground is the key, but can be difficult today when all of the energy you've been feeling seems to evaporate and you feel sluggish.

Areas of Expansion in 12222 for Virgo:

This is likely due to a feeling that you don't know what or who to believe. Others can seem quite elusive. You may need to let go of the desire for others to be clear about their intentions, just for the time being. In some cases, you may need to temporarily put your plans on hold in order to tend to someone else. September is a brilliant month for learning new and exciting things.

Your mind is often racing in the first two weeks. Your desire for comfort or luxury items is hearty in September, and it's growing! You are looking at your money and possessions in a whole new way, and you might come up with creative ideas on how to earn more or use what you already have.

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Personal influence, goal-setting, and finances are all themes now. There may be job offers or opportunities and significant bonuses or gifts this month. Opportunities to advance business and financial goals can arise in the second half of the month. The New Moon on the 28th is fabulous for kickstarting new endeavors in these areas. It's also good for home-related matters. Until September 22nd: The Sun continues to move through your solar first house. You experience a renewal of energy and vitality now, and it's a strong time for increased personal confidence.

The emphasis is on self-expression, what kind of impression you make on others, and beginning new personal projects. You are a little more self-centered than usual, and this is quite natural and healthy as long as you don't take it too far. You are more decisive and forward-looking now, and you put more faith in your own abilities. Physically, you are likely feeling strong. This is an excellent cycle for making personal changes in your manner or appearance, and for any self-improvement endeavors.

Personal projects that you begin now are likely to blossom nine months down the road.

From September 23rd forward: The Sun highlights your second house now, and your focus is on material affairs and comfort issues. Security is a driving force for you at the moment, and you might find that you are especially interested in accumulating possessions. What you have and what you don't have come into focus--what makes you feel comfortable, your sense of security, and what you value. This is the time of year when personal finances and possessions receive maximum attention. Pour your energy into your work and your finances, and you might just be able to take your ideas to the bank. Extravagance with your pocketbook is something you may want to look out for, however.

If you find yourself itching to make unnecessary purchases, know that at the root of this urge is the desire to pamper and comfort yourself. Nothing wrong with it, but there are inexpensive and even free ways to make yourself feel good. This is not the most eventful time of year for you. You are more inclined to dig in your heels and hang on to what makes you feel most secure than to take big risks. Until September 13th: Venus continues to grace your solar first house now.

Something about how you present yourself, your image, and your manner boosts your personal magnetism during this cycle. It's a good time to attract who and what you want into your life experience. You're more charming and you are likely to want to attract things to you indirectly rather than forcefully now, perhaps through charm and playfulness. You have a stronger need to be good to yourself, although a negative expression of this placement can be excessive attention to pampering oneself or taking the easy way out.

You especially enjoy making a good impression on others, and peace-making. You might also be paying more attention to beauty and style now. From September 14th forward: As the natural ruler of the second house, Venus feels right "at home" here. This is a rather content position for Venus, although there can be some restlessness when it comes to money and spending it—you are more inclined to want more things around you!

Financial security and enjoyment of the good things in life are important to you, although you also value simple pleasures. The ability to relate well with others might enhance your own personal finances during this period. You may find yourself in a position in which there is a blending of financial matters with social or public affairs. Also, the day's horoscope chart, auspicious times and lucky points.

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On these pages we offer you a lot of free daily horoscopes for the star sign Virgo. Some astrologers say that symbolically this means that it has learned the lessons of the previous eleven signs and is therefore. Daily Horoscope for Today and Tomorrow. You are quite prepared not to question what will happen on this day, since you have already discussed it with the people concerned for a long time, and today it will be the end of the line. Inside every Leo is a king or queen waiting to jump out. Despite their reputation and ability to drive a lover insane with touch, it's not just sex. After that, the moon moves from Gemini into Cancer.

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So, take stock of all the things you need to finish up before your life picks up speed. He is rational, charismatic and usually wins hearts with his childish charm. In one day, the planet Jupiter went direct in your 4 th house of home, family matters, deeply felt emotions or hypersensitivity and. You cannot have one without the other. Artistic inspiration could come from deep within at some point today, perhaps even from a dream or vision. Your free horoscope for the day after tomorrow for the sign of for Taurus is available and free with our forecasts about mood love money and work!

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Virgo Health will be no issue but, declination might be felt in. Horoscope is the best way to know what your stars foretell. Today, this might feel more like a handicap. You need to sift out the genuine from the fake. Virgo summary for today: Wednesday sets out to be a day of constructive emotions, leaving behind any dark clouds and concentrating more on the future. Be careful that your determination doesn't turn into desperation and neediness. Virgo, Get your free monthly horoscope about love, relationships, money, career, and more!

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By reading your horoscopes today you've super charged your Daily Defender karmic powers. Today it might not be a good day for you as though anything wrong may not occur to you, but you will always be under the impression of something bad befalling you and be unmindful which may harm you. Your horoscope for today and tomorrow's astrology prediction gets updated every day and this is the best way to get your complete astrological picture in one page. Do not try to demand yourself too much nor to the others, remembers that it leaves from the key to the success is the smaller effort.

As they exercise great prudence and caution at work, they may easily disapprove every imperfect job done by others. Virgo daily horoscope: our regularly updated predictions give you a detailed analysis of what the day holds ahead! Read your Virgo zodiac reading and enjoy your Virgo daily horoscope, if you are in doubt about your future.

The hungrier you get, the more determined you will become. Horoscope for Tuesday, August 20 many of you are tackling home repairs, so it might be appropriate. Astrology Cafe offers daily astrology: Cafe Astrology horoscopes as well as current planetary positions and aspects influencing today, tomorrow, and the next day. Tomorrow Horoscope is based on the planetary positions and transits, i. Try out what they suggested.

Monthly Horoscope: Predictions for Virgo

Love, Barry. The worst part is, the more interested they are in you, the shier they will be in your presence. Trip of pleasing in door, try to plan it of a two, or if it prefers to only go away to discover distant horizons prepare yourself because it will stop being only shortly.

Today you'll have a lot of chances to do this.