Raja yoga in astrology

The native under the combined effect of such Vimala Yoga and other planets mentioned in this example may come across an opportunity to represent the legacy of his father after the sudden assassination of his father. However, he may either not be able to succeed in achieving such inheritance or he may not be able to sustain this inheritance.

As a result, either another close relative of his father may take over the post vacated by his father or the native may achieve such post, but only for a short period of time. The other relatives conspiring against the native under the impact of such Vimala Yog and other planets may either make him fail miserably or they may even get him killed by means of a planned murder, in order to grab his power and authority.

Looking at the anatomy of these two different examples leading to two different results, in the first example, the second set of planets added to the horoscope of this native features strong and positive planets.

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It means that Jupiter, Moon and Mars added to the horoscope of this native in the first example are strong as well as positive; and therefore they provide very good strength to Vimala Yog as well as to the overall horoscope. As a result, the native blessed by such Vimala Yog and other benefic planets mentioned in this example is likely to posses great leadership abilities and he may also posses the ability to win over his enemies.

Hence this native may not only be able to represent the post vacated due to the sudden demise of his father in adverse circumstances, he may also be able to sustain such post of power and authority. This native under the influence of Vimala Yoga and other benefic planets may destroy all his enemies and he may emerge as a winner in the game of achieving power and authority.

Coming to the second example of Vimala Yog, the planets added through the second set are all negative. It means that Jupiter, Moon and Mars added to this horoscope through second set of additions are all negative and hence they may shift the overall tone of this horoscope towards negativity. The overall negativity of this horoscope may make this native fail miserably due to the wrong decisions taken by him as well as due to the conspiracies plotted against him by his close relatives.

If the running time is very bad, the native under the collective influence of such Vimala Yoga and other planets may even get killed in a planned attacked, arranged by his close relatives so that they may grab the post of authority this native may have. Coming to the conclusion drawn from these two different possibilities in case of Vimala Yog, it can be seen that the overall tone of a horoscope is a very important factor in determining the results of any type of Vipreet Raj Yog.

As already mentioned in previous chapters, Vipreet Raj Yoga in many cases brings the opportunity to gain through adverse circumstances; and it comes with a high risk factor in many such cases. In case of the usual type of benefic Yogas formed in a horoscope like Hamsa Yog or Malavya Yoga, the native may either benefit from these Yogas or he may miss out on such benefits depending on his overall horoscope.

However such native under the impact of Hamsa Yog or Malavya Yoga is not likely to face any loss, since these Yogas are usual type of positive Yogas. Therefore, the native may either profit or not. Reciting these mantras in the festival of Navratri is sure to bring Login Or Register. Customer care 10am — 6pm, India. Do you have 'Raj Yoga' in your Kundali? Chasing happiness is man's daily affair; everyone tries to get maximum happiness. But happiness is a relative term.

How much happiness you are entitled to, depends on your fate. One such Yoga is the Raj Yoga, which is formed by the combination of auspicious planets in a Kundali. To know if a planet is auspicious or not, we go by their functional nature. But, the natural auspiciousness or otherwise of the planets concerned also plays a role in determining how you get the good things in life, either lawfully or unlawfully, either by love or by force etc.

It is important to know the relationships between Navamsha and Dashamsha as it will show how long the good things would last. The final seal of approval is given in the natal chart by good Houses getting connected to good Houses in the Bhava chart. The Clockwise House System. Steiner Books. Brihat Parasara Hora Sastra Vol. Ranjan Publications.

Raj Yog - Find Out If You Have a ’Raj Yog’ in Your Horoscope

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Do I Have Raja Yoga in Horoscope ? - Check Here at Raja Yoga Calculator

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