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Ask any Sagittarius what makes them run for the hills in a relationship and the answer will be unanimous too much love. Well, there can never really be too much love, but there can be too many expectations in love. This can be a strange time just before the holidays start kicking up. If you're a couple who's trying to decide which family to spend time with or a person who is pushing someone new to commit, there may be some kick back. Just warning you! But that doesn't mean that the passion can't find a new height. Makeup sex can take on new meaning.

Lovers will be more open to exploring each other's bodies, that is. Sagittarius has a high sex drive, so don't be surprised if your libido finds a new groove. If you're waiting for karma to pay some dues, step back. You're about to reap what you've sewn. If you are good, Santa won't be the only one checking the nice list. The universe may be giving gifts of coal or myrrh this month. Aries, communication is super important to you. If you're feeling disconnected it's not good for the home team. When the Moon in Gemini comes into play, you'll want to find a way to improve how things are said.

You might even feel like our patience is tested more than you can bear. Expressing your ideas freely is what you do. If you find yourself left on 'read' one too many times, it may be tech problems or it could be a signal that it's time for you to talk to other people. Leaning in with the family at this time will give you a place to vent. Perhaps you have a friend that's like a family who understands when you need to talk. Time may be what you're trying to save, but breathe in and relax.

You've got more time to get things done.

You are Aries, right? Change is in the air for you at this time, but it's going to feel more like a whirlwind that a slow breeze. There's a lesson in the chaos that will last you for a long time in a way that helps bring life back into an area that you've been trying to improve. Taurus, you can start this week feeling pretty confident that things will fall into place for you. Mercury retrograde or not, you are able to divide and conquer whatever comes your way.

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If you're working out, you'll lose weight. If you're making plans with others, you might be tempted to pick up the bill but someone may treat you instead. Good vibes will be returned for the good you put out in the universe. So start sharing some love. Although the Gemini Moon may illuminate your mind in ways that can be distracting, you'll figure out how to remain focused and finish what you start.

Spending time with friends and people close to you will be even more important this week. You get your emotional needs met with your friends and there is some catching up to do.

To even your own surprise, you may be more talkative than usual. Expect to experience some type of healing this week before the Friday. This could be emotional or you may find that you're finally able to confront a problem head-on with the ability to see things for what they are.

Gemini, you'll spend a lot of time in your thoughts this week about life, love, relationships and even things that you didn't even think you'd think about. Expect to be caught up in your feelings early this week and some of them may involve emotions from the past that you didn't deal with until now. You aren't one who likes to sit down and just think, you're often on the go. Breaks between busy moments will bring some new time on your hands and it's no mistake.

You might just be changing for the better because something good is coming around the corner. Listen to your heart and process how you feel.

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When the Moon is full and in your sign, more awareness will come your way, too. You could find that people have been informing of things but you didn't hear it until now. There's a chance that there are more messages to pay attention to around you. Pay attention to signals in nature, things you're reading, and even at home. These will confirm what you know. This is a time of deep compassion. You may feel that others are more understanding of you, and you, in turn, are more understanding of yourself. Cancer, you already know the benefit of spending time in your thoughts but your dreams have something to say to you this week too.

Your passions and secret desires will start to surface as they come to mind. You could find yourself realizing that you have feelings about a person, subject or project that's news to you! This new awakening will be more than powerful. Prepare to be inspired! You could find that you're in love with love and that your heart feels free, too.

In the distance, there's an opportunity that you will recognize for what it is and what it can bring to you. You may have to work hard to get there, but the seed has been planted. At the end of the week, you are in a stronger position than you started. You might not have everything that you need to finish completed by you will have the strength to do it. The time that you need to get things accomplished will open up to you as well. You could be getting help from some friends or family to accomplish your goals.

Leo, last week, you finally had the clarity you needed and this week, it's back to think mode. You may be in the process of putting things into motion but there's a lot more to finish and you need to align energy with action. You're definitely not without. You've got more on your plate than others could even think of carrying. Stay focused on the productivity side of things. As you do more you will notice that you have more. There may be some disruptions that get your feelings in a place that require you to step back to evaluate how you are feeling.

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Perhaps someone is filling your ear full of ideas and you want to think things through before you accept offers. A partnership or a relationship may be on the horizon for you. If you're already married, this relationship becomes closer and more important to your heart. You might not allow it to define you but it will require you to spend more time thinking and communicating than usual. Virgo, you don't always let others see who you really are. You might find yourself playing with questions about what it means to be you.

Who are you as a person? What's your identity? Then decide to take the mask off and be yourself. There could be a body positive moment in your future or finally feeling comfortable in your own skin. This will be a moment of triumph and joy and it's a step forward from where you once were in the past. There's a cause for celebration this week, too. Celebrate the small milestones and the big ones. Don't ignore your accomplishments but instead, honor them.

You may find that others notice things in you that you take for granted and assume that everyone has the same abilities when they don't. This could be why you can be overly critical and others think you're being harsh. You'll find balance in perception mid-week. At the end of the week, you'll be faced with a decision that means you'll have to say goodbye to the old and hello to something new. Although this is a great time in your life, you'll feel sad to let this time go.

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You're spending more time thinking things through. Whether you're planning family get-togethers, setting goals, or pondering the meaning of life, you are thinking A LOT. There's so much to ponder and so many options for you at this stage in time. It's a good time for reflection. Make the most of it. So I do not agree with the Discovery Magazine article that there will not be a spiritual significance in this place around this Lunar Eclipse and 3 December which is 18 days from Capricorn Ingress.

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