Pisces man pisces woman sexually compatible

Can you begin to imagine foreplay between two slow to advance Pisceans? It includes gentle massage and blissful kisses. It also includes the oh so sweet nothings and pillow talk the Pisces pairing shares? When in the bedroom the Pisces and Pisces compatibility cannot be more perfect. Once the Pisces pair gets to know each other in bed, experimentation follows. Still, even the experimentation phase moves at a slow and steady pace.

No other zodiac signs will experience a depth of emotion like those ruled by the Water element.

The Pisces Man and Sex

Pisces and Pisces matches have exceptional communication skills. Once the shy and introverted barriers are down, these two are open with one another. The means of communication with this couple is twofold. They have extrasensory gifts, so they share thoughts through thoughts without speaking. They also use conventional means of communication. The smallest of body gestures, such as the wave of a hand, conveys layers of meaning.

The Pisces and Pisces love match has two personalities who are excellent observers. Remember the good old wallflower persona? You learn a lot when you speak little and listen! The observation skills of the Pisces individual have their antennae up. They are always ready for detection.

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What do Pisces men and women talk about? Dreams and how to achieve them. The Pisces female is a natural at inspiring others to take on a carpe diem attitude. Working in unison, this duo finds balance in love. The Pisces and Pisces connection is far from perfect, though it is hard to top! Some issues will arise between these creative, dreamy individuals.

The water-influenced Pisces personality is emotive, to say the least. Where emotions run high, so do relationship monsters! Verbal outbursts and arguments precede long interludes of the silent treatment. Thankful when tempers wear down, the Pisces pairing is compassionate and forgiving. The Pisces pairing is prone to lethargy and lazy moods too.

While sitting on that lazy couch, Pisces pairs can start sucking down the Bon Bons! You ate the crumbs too? When speaking of astrology, the term polarity comes up. It is a reference to the energies associated with a zodiac sign. Every zodiac sign has a specific energy. The energies are masculine and feminine. In other words, the signs are yang or yin. Pisces is a yin sign, so they align with the receptive feminine energies.

With signs sharing a similar polarity, the Pisces pair has a beautiful connection. They understand one another. Both are receptive and open to one another. It lends to a romantic and peaceful pairing. The feminine energies place a sensitive and emotive nature on what it influences. Pisces people feel deep and are sensitive to emotional inflictions. If wounded the on an emotional level, the pain lingers and remains in the memory.

The moods each person in the Pisces and Pisces relationship are bound to clash from time to time. This can cause conflict if one partner happy and the other depressed. If the couple experiences negative emotions, they can feed into the negative moods. Of course, this results in a worsening or extension of the depression. When talking in astrological terms, two zodiac signs are a certain distance apart. That distance is the aspect of the two signs. Pisces and Pisces have no distance, so they are conjunct. Conjunct signs are zero spaces apart on the zodiac wheel. It is easier for a Pisces pair to express understanding and empathy.

The nature of the Pisces personality calls for this type of understanding too. Both partners are dreamy and emotional. They get hurt with ease. They know how easy their emotions get hurt, so a Pisces pairing handles another with care. A Pisces and Pisces pairing is one where self-acceptance is the main lesson.

Mind you, pairing up with someone so identical can prove a problem. Trouble brews if each partner fails to maintain independence. Autonomy helps fan the flames of passion in the Pisces and Pisces love match. This Pisces pairing shares the same elemental influence of Water. The Water element is what bestows Pisces with so much sensitivity.

Pisces and Pisces: Compatibility in Love, Sex and Life

It also bestows Pisces with an unbelievable depth of emotion. Water is the sign corresponding with dreams and intuition. So, dreams and extrasensory perception are Piscean assets. The element helps this couple have great compassion for one another. They do hesitate on commitment, only because deep trust is something one earns. The communication between this dynamic pair makes the couple capable of understanding each other; Pisces and Pisces couples accept the fact it takes time for the emotional intimacy and trust to develop.

Water bestows the ability to communicate without words. Well, just like with other things in life, things that may seem to make a lot of sense on paper sometimes do not pan out in the hustle and bustle of the real world. The real world can throw a curve ball at you. Things that may seem to make a lot of logical sense might not make much sense at all when it comes to realistic considerations.

Keep this in mind when it comes to Pisces woman and Pisces man love compatibility. Does this mean that Pisces woman and Pisces man love compatibility is impossible? Absolutely not. However, as I have mentioned earlier, we need to be realistic. Keep the following factors in mind. Pisces is a water sign. This means that they are people driven by emotions.

However, they respond to the tug of emotions very differently. The Pisces woman and the Pisces man are emotional in different ways. The Pisces can look like a non-water sign. In many cases, the Pisces does a good job of looking like an earth sign. What does an earth sign look like?

Well, a typical matured or polished earth sign is very goal oriented, very driven, very logical, rational, in many cases, a lot of people would think that the earth sign is all business and no emotion. A Pisces woman can give that impression.

She might look like she is all about business. However, she is very squishy inside. There is a reason why she has to project that type of impression, because she is not really that way. She is very emotional. It is because there is some sort of issue or there is some sense of inadequacy or there is some sense of frustration deep inside that is pushing her to have a tougher exterior. He appreciates a woman that can shake a room and she does just that.

Now, an Aries woman true to her zodiac will find nothing interesting in him. But not all of us have Aries in all their signs. Others see a wise man who has so much to share with her. In their first conversation itself, she will see how he knows more than her.

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Pisces man and Pisces woman

She might not accept it in the first go. But there will be a time when she will come to trust him with all her secrets. If not a romantic relationship, a friendship will definitely develop between them. One of my closest friends and confidante is a Pisces. They provide comfort that no other zodiac sign can to the Aries.

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  • We sure know how to value that. All her life she has been wary of those around her. A mature Aries woman will never let a Pisces man slip through her fingers.

    When The Moon And Neptune Connect

    But how many mature Aries women are there? You are probably thinking that they are not. Well, prepare to be surprised. There is an eternal and beautiful mutual attraction of explosive activity and cool stillness. Their physical relationship is the one place where they are bound to be perfect. Unlike other water signs, he is just as imaginative and creative as she wants him to be. However, I will not deny that this can be the attraction between a potential conqueror for a potential victim.

    Severe planetary afflictions will turn a beautiful union into a hunting expedition. This couple can enjoy exceptionally happy physical chemistry that could outlast any disturbances. In fact, the bliss of their physical union can help them build a strong relationship. Sex will connect them on a much deeper level. That will build an understanding that can outlast all storms.

    What helps is that their romantic goals are identical. Even though philosophical approaches are different. So, even when they differ on what the best way to achieve Nirvana through sex is, they will agree that what they have comes close.

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    • Both are sentimental and imaginative and seek a sexual experience of great intensity. What else can you ask for when the end goal is the same. You can count on his wisdom and her determination to know that they will make it through. For that, he needs to be in love with her though. His elusiveness annoys her. But the day he starts sharing all his secrets with her is the day he has fallen in love.

      An inherent danger is that sexes can get mixed between them. She is more masculine than most women. And he is more feminine than most men. These afflictions annoy both of them thoroughly.